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Chimney Lining, Re-lining, knocking and Re-building

The process of chimney re-lining has changed over the years from traditional ceramic or clay liners to more robust materials such as stainless steel or poly resin liners. There are many ways to line a chimney but some are completely wrong for the situation they are being used in.

In recent years many so called chimney repair companies have been using inferior products which take little time to install and long term may lead to even greater problems than had been experienced before.

Knocking and re-building chimney stacks is complicated work also and many chimneys are re-constructed badly with poor flashing or without being properly weathered. Don't waste your hard earned money on an inferior job, contact us on 1800 303406... and we will recommend the most suitable lining, re-lining, re-building process for your particular chimney.

Remember not every chimney is the same and we are the firm with over 25 years experience.

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