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Chimney Repairs Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow & Meath

We specialise in chimney repairs and chimney re-lining and have been in this business for the nearly 25 years. Also see your pages on Common Chimney Problems Experienced, Fire and Health Risks, Chimney Cleaning.

Why Chimneys give problems

problemsThe burning of fuels such as coal, turf, timber etc. over time break down the flue chamber. Your chimney may also have been originally badly lined or built and over time has got progressively worse. Often stoves or ranges have been installed incorrectly. All these conditions or a combination of them can eventually lead to chimney blockages, loss of updraught or eventually chimney fires. Call us on your local number to get a free survey and peace of mind.

Types of Chimneys

Types of chimneysThe combustion process creates noxious gases creosote/soot carbon monoxide and corrosive chemicals. The chimneys purpose is to safely vent these hazardous flue gases from your home.


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