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Types of Chimneys

Types of chimneysThroughout the years we have dealt with every type of chimney. They all differ in their design, building and structure. Period houses, castles and older farmhouses and cottages tend to have a number of turns or short radius bends which combined with other factors can make them difficult to pull properly.

They often have more than one chimney flue chamber which in turn causes its own difficulties. Often two seperate flue chambers meet at some point before exiting to the atmosphere. We often get enquiries about different cowels, anti-downdraught and updraught systems but these do not always solve what might be a another issue entirely.

Newly built or more recently built chimneys have also had there own problems with chimney flue chambers sometimes being built to close to each other not allowing for expansion or contraction within the chimney. Some have simply been badly constructed during the rush of the boom years.

We have solved smoke, soot, downdraught, updraught problems in every type of chimney design including swedish fireplaces, old cottages etc.

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