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Why is my Chimney giving me problems ?

Chimney Brush The process of burning fuels such as turf, timber, coal etc. creates creosete, soot, carbon monoxide, noxious gases and corrosive residue. These can all lead to the deterioration of your flue chamber. Your chimney could have originally been badly constructed or lined and over a period of time has gotten worse. Poor maintenance is often a major  factor in deterioration or problems as soot and creoste is left to build up and can easily take fire as creosete is highly flammable.

The burning of turf or related fuels holds its own problems as turf will still contain up to 20% moisture even after being stored or dried for years. Moisture or water is not good for the good working order of the flue chamber. Often stoves and ranges have been installed incorrectly. All of the above conditions or a combination of them can lead to loss of draught,chimney blockages or damage and or chimney fires.

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