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Why choose us ? The Chimney Repair Experts for Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare & Meath

VansWe have the experience to tell you what is wrong with your chimney. Often it is something very small which is causing the problem and may be solved easily.

All our team have been with us for years some as long as twenty years service. Where we carry out work we take great care in creating as little mess or disruption as possible.

We cater for all aspects of a job not just the chimney repairs as often re-decorating, plumbing or similar work may be needed. People are being offered alternative solutions that just don’t suit the job at hand. If you are looking for the best firm in the business then give us a call on 1800 303406............

People often don't know the difference between a good job and a bad job and it is only months later when soot staining or issues arise that they realise they have wasted there money on an inferior job.



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1800 303406
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